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Zach was first hospitalized at 2 months of age and later diagnosed with Severe Congenital Neutropenia (SCN) at 4 months of age.   SCN is a rare blood disease that causes a shortage of white blood cells, making Zach more prone to recurrent infections. 


At the time, doctors weren't sure he would survive the pneumonia and complications, but he did! That began the countless trips to CHOP, learning to give our baby a nightly shot, hospitalizations for every fever & concern, and battling Crohn's Disease for many years. All the while learning much about a blood disease known as Kostmann's Syndrome or SCN. Zach continued to have many hospitalizations and was sick a lot but didn't let that sideline him. He worked so hard to keep up with his 3 older siblings! As a young boy he went through many difficult medical seasons and even to this day doesn't wake up feeling "healthy" like you or I but fights through. We are so proud of him!


Over the last 18 years, Zach has courageously lived life doing his best to be "normal" and healthy. He's a tough young man! A nightly injection (Zach has had over 6,800 shots!) and God's faithful hand on his life has, for the most part, allowed him to do that...but he daily lives with joint & bone pain, fatigue, continued risk of infection, as well as high risk of leukemia and other complications. 


After 3 years of much prayer & seeking wise counsel we are following the medical advice for Zach to undergo a Bone Marrow Transplant. He will be admitted to CHOP on 6/21 and the actual harvest/transplant from his donor sister, Rachel, will be 7/2. The initial hospital stay is approximately 6-8 weeks and then the goal to re-enter mainstream life around 6 months post transplant. We are anticipating a successful transplant which will allow Zach to truly live healthy. As we move forward we will be sharing some specific ways you can pray along with us as we know that Christ ultimately does the healing.


Thank you for coming along on Zach's journey to health. We are unsure of what the transplant road ahead looks like but prayerfully taking one step at a time. 


Our family is confident that God will be glorified in this season and can't wait to see His healing hand at work. We are blessed by so many caring and praying for our family. Thank you!


As a community of faith we want others to surround the Oberholzers and Zach in prayer.

We are asking that you would look at your calendar from June 20th to August 31st and pick days that work for you to pray and to fast for Zach and the Oberholzers as they walk down this road. 



There are a few ways that you can support and encourage Zach and the Oberholzer family as they journey down this road:


Click Here to Sign Up as we fast and pray from 6/20-8/31

Send Notes of Encouragement (4 ways) 

- - Use this site to read updates and post notes for the entire family.

                                   (Donations given on this site support, not the family.)

- Chop E-Cards ( - Room Number 3E43

- Drop a card in the designated basket in Bridge Community Church's Lobby. We will deliver them to Zach.

- Snail Mail:

         Zach Oberholzer Room # 3E43


         3401 Civic Center Blvd.

         Philadelphia, PA 19104-4339

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